Be a Volunteer

Have an interest in helping make Race for Reconciliation a success? Your hands and heart are needed before the race and on race day. We need your time and talent to serve before, during and after the race. Contact us to learn about specific serve opportunities. Your service allows more dollars to go directly to the non-profits in your city that will continue to make a difference every day of the year.

Be a Sponsor

Whether you are a small business owner or a corporate sponsor, your resources are needed to carry the message of Race for Reconciliation through our cities and to our country. Sponsorship is a great way for your employees and customers to participate with their time and dollars to fuel this movement of unity and help our communities overcome long-term systemic problems.

Be a Giver

Every nonprofit needs a strong core who believe in the vision so much that he or she is willing to invest in it. What will be the return on investing in healing, honor, and hope? We believe it’s a harvest that our country desperately needs to reap. Our goal is to build a base of 300 monthly givers. Please select the monthly amount below that blesses you and others.